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Life Care Center of Pueblo resident goes from comfort measures to successful rehab
M Yudit Corral and Deloris Giltner

Comfort measures are usually taken when a person, and/or the family, feel like there is not much left to do for a person medically – the person may have weeks or days left to live. Deloris Giltner, 91, was one such resident of Life Care Center of Pueblo, Colorado.

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Walking miles in the shoes of Lindsay Harford
Lindsay Harford with her shoes

To compliment her plain black nurse’s scrubs, Lindsay Harford, a registered nurse at Life Care Center of Pueblo, Colo., wears brightly colored tennis shoes to walk around the skilled nursing facility.

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Life Care Center of Pueblo associates learn more about oral care

“One thing that is extremely important and difficult to perform on our residents is oral health care,” said Dr. Urioste, on-site physician, “and we want our nurses and certified nursing assistants to be well educated.”

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Life Care Center of Pueblo’s grounds looking good, thanks to two dedicated ladies
Judy and Cindy

This is a story about two ladies that deserve more than simple kudos. Judy Spaccamonti, director of personnel, and Cindy Holligan, director of admissions, are like two busy bees at Life Care Center of Pueblo.

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Whatever It Takes And Then Some – August 2013 winners

Cindy Holligan, admissions director at Life Care Center of Pueblo, Colo., met with the facility’s executive director, Terrie Stanton-Nance, to create a list of visions for the facility. On the wish list was updated landscaping…

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Fred Romero finds rehab success at Life Care Center of Pueblo

Frederick Romero, otherwise known as Fred, is more than the humorous, compassionate, outgoing 68-year-old resident from New Mexico who came to Life Care Center of Pueblo, Colo., for physical therapy.

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Life Care wins first-place trophy in Walk to End Alzheimer’s
Zulema Cordova and Terrie Stanton-Nance carry the first-place trophy

On one of the last hot days of summer, a team of 15 associates from Life Care Center of Pueblo, Colo., took home the first-place trophy at the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

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Life Care Center of Pueblo resident wins Colorado State Fair’s Silver Queen title
Eleanor Rheuff with her son, Howard

It was Eleanor Rheuff’s big day. The 89-year-old resident at Life Care Center of Pueblo, Colo., was one of 14 seniors in the Colorado State Fair’s annual Silver Queen beauty contest.

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Life Care Center of Pueblo volunteer brings smiles to facility

Patty Corsentino, facility volunteer at Life Care Center of Pueblo, Colo., walked into the recreation room with two arms full of bags and a vase of fresh daisies from her garden. It was time for her shift. Her sister, Mary Beth, had just spent the last seven hours with their father, who resides at the facility.

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Colorado Life Care facilities join statewide health information exchange

In early May 2013, eight Life Care facilities in Colorado joined the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization’s health information exchange. The goal is to help improve transitions of care for patients moving from one health care setting to another…

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