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Life Care Center of Pueblo creates replica of AlterG for business expo

On April 21, 2011, the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce Business Expo in Pueblo, Colo., featured an unusual creation: a lightweight replica of the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill.

Life Care Center of Pueblo was one of 60 vendors from the event, which drew more than 1,000 community guests. The facility set up a booth emphasizing its rehabilitation services, especially the AlterG.

“It was an impossibility to take the actual AlterG to the expo, so we did the next best thing,” said Bonnie Aube, marketing director at the facility.

Aube found a sign company that would make a replica of the AlterG, which allowed guests to get a better idea of what the machine is and how it is used for in- and outpatient rehab.

“The guests at the expo found it intriguing,” said Aube. “They stopped at the booth wanting to know, ‘What does this do?’”

Along with the replica, a DVD player showed actual residents using the real AlterG. Aube explained how the machine can reduce up to 80 percent of patients’ weight, speeding up rehabilitation outcomes. She also gave out printed material for attendees to reference later.

The AlterG replica will also be used at future community events.

“Visual materials are always a positive advertising tool,” said Aube, “and the AlterG replica is a prime example of this success.”