Evergreen House Health Center

Located in eastern Rhode Island, Evergreen House Health Center is committed to providing a high quality of life for each resident. The personalized nursing care residents receive is a reflection of this commitment. Daily activities such as movies, outings, parties, crafts and religious services are planned by the activities director to enhance their social needs. The elegance of the nursing home's interior and the beauty of its outer surroundings make Evergreen House a place residents feel proud to call home. Other services offered include inpatient rehabilitation therapy, specialized Alzheimer's care, oxygen therapy, and much more.

Recent News

Artist uses chainsaw to carve tree stump sculptures at Evergreen House Health Center
The finished sculpture

Residents at Evergreen House Health Center in East Providence, R.I., watched excitedly from behind sliding glass windows as local artist Michael Higgins took a chainsaw to a tree stump on the lawn.

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